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Dental Guards – Provides A Protective Barrier Between Your Teeth Against Damage And Pain By Grinding

A dental night guard may be new for many patients who are unaware of the pain or friction that is caused by grinding your teeth at night. Many people unknowingly grind their teeth throughout the night due to stress, sleep disorders, abnormal biting, and missing or fractured teeth. Grinding can cause damage to the teeth and cause pain in the jaw, head, and teeth themselves. The pain can develop and be chronic leaving long-term complications. 

How Does Dental Guard Help Bruxism?

A Dental Mouth Guard is a device that provides protection between your upper and lower teeth and helps eliminate jaw pain, headaches, and tooth pain caused by grinding and clenching of the jaw. Dental mouth guards lighten the tension and provide a cushion to the jaw muscles while clenching. People may also recognize it by other names such as dental guard, night guard, occlusal guard, and bite splint. Although a dental guard may not completely treat bruxism (i.e. teeth-grinding) it does help in protecting your teeth, joints, and muscles while you sleep. Therefore, assuring less tooth wear, fractures, myofascial pain, headaches, and other issues. If you are feeling constant pain, you should consult your dentist who will analyze and determine the cause of the pain and prescribe a suitable dental guard for you. Many places manufacture dental guards in Georgetown and Austin, but only a knowledgeable dentist can suggest an appropriate guard that is a good fit for you. 

Customized Mouth Guards

Custom night guards are made from an impression taken of your teeth. They are made by a professional dental laboratory and are fully customized to achieve a precise fit for the unique features of your mouth. Due to the professional materials and processes, these night guards offer maximum protection against bruxism.