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Get the Whole Picture
With Comprehensive Exams
in Austin & Georgetown, TX

Rivery Dental offers the top-notch Comprehensive Dental Exams in Austin & Georgetown. Good oral health creates the best smile! The American Dental Association recommends a comprehensive dental exam starting at age two. At Rivery Dental, we perform these dental exams so that we can determine what you need right now and plan for your future dental care.

When you schedule regular comprehensive dental exams, we can catch problems early, reducing the number of visits to our office and the chance of needing more costly procedures done later.

    Rivery Dental performs comprehensive dental exams at every cleaning.

We will:

  • Discuss your dental and overall health since your last exam
  • Check for tooth decay, cracks and chips
  • Evaluate bite and jaw
  • Examine existing restorations
  • Screen for gum disease and periodontal disease
  • Conduct TMJ examination
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Clean teeth thoroughly, removing plaque and stains
  • Take full mouth digital x-rays (once a year)

After each comprehensive dental exam, we’ll discuss our findings and make plans for any special treatments needed. Call Rivery Dental to schedule a comprehensive dental exam today. Taking care of your teeth and oral health today will help you maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime!

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