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Get Sparkling White Teeth
With Teeth Whitening 
in Austin and Georgetown, TX

One surefire way to perk up your smile is to whiten your teeth. Depending on the amount of dental work you’ve had, your mouth’s sensitivity and the color of your teeth, your dentist can suggest appropriate teeth whitening methods:

  • Whitening Toothpastes: Including mild abrasives and other agents, these can remove minor surface stains.
  • Professional Bleaching: This service is done by appointment only! We require a minimum of a weeks notice prior to your event date to ensure that you have the brightest smile possible. This process is usually done in one visit, the dentist applies a bleaching agent to the teeth while shielding the gums to reduce possible irritation. Sometimes special lights are used to enhance the process. Natural teeth can be immediately whitened.
  • Home Bleaching: Typically involving a mouthguard containing a peroxide-based whitener applied to teeth over several days, this method is dentist-prescribed but can be lower cost than in-office treatments.

Rivery Dental will advise you about the whitening methods best suited to your mouth. A brighter, more cheerful smile may be just one office visit away!

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