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Sedation Dentistry
in Georgetown, TX

Rivery Dental offers the Top-Notch Sedation Dentistry at Georgetown, TX. For some people, a trip to the dentist is a very stressful time. Dental phobia and fear of pain are not uncommon in dental patients. For people who need help relaxing in the dentist chair, sedation dentistry is available.

    • Oral sedation. Taken the night before or the day of the appointment, oral sedatives relax but are not for pain relief.

  • Nitrous oxide. “Laughing gas” is inhaled through a mask to relax, with a local anesthetic used to eliminate pain.
  • General anesthesia. These drugs cause temporary loss of consciousness and are used for more complex treatments.

Rivery Dental makes your dental visit with sedation dentistry as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of regular dentist visits and a clean oral bill of health.

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