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Say Goodbye to Cavities
With Dental Fillings
in Georgetown, TX

Rivery Dental offer the top-notch and painless dental filling in Georgetown. Most people get a tooth cavity sometimes that needs repairing, but modern dentistry offers many options that blend long-lasting strength and attractiveness.

    For cavities located on chewing surfaces in less visible areas of your mouth, you can choose between the traditional “silver colored” amalgam material and the “composite” resin tinted to match your tooth color.

  • The amalgam filling is the strongest, most durable and least expensive option.
  • The composite resin provides durable fillings for small- to medium-sized cavities, costs a little more, and may be more attractive in both hidden and visible areas.
  • Glass or resin “ionomers” mimic natural tooth color and are used for filling cavities in areas of the root or gum line.

Rivery Dental can help you choose the most cost-effective – and most attractive – option to preserve your dental health and your sparkling smile.

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